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DAY Nine...Meanwhile, back at Cowpie's...

Momo makes a new friend in Don Corleone! "You dance-a divinely, Momo-Mia!"

Cowpie discovers that Idahoans and Elves do not mix.  Way to go, Cowpie, piss off the Rivendellian Love Machine!

"Oh, thank you for the Pony, Kran honeybuns! She's adorable, AND Discontinued!"

Meanwhile inside, Don Corleone presents Momo with an Italian sausage specialty. She like-a it! But wait, there's a commotion outside!!

Golly gee whiz, who moved the durn Transporter out in the middle of the swimming pool and took away the ladders?? Now Clint Eastwood is stuck swimming in the pool for two days and nights with no hope for escape!

Awww, poor Clint... Momo at least is devastated.

But MooSims are a resilient lot.  Clint who?

Kran enjoys the new Tribbles,

As does Legolas apparently.

Cowpie enjoys a light meal, while Gail fires up the grill out on the patio to whip up a batch of burgers. Hope she can keep the Tribble hair out of them this time!

But wait...

Oh NO! Gail set the grill on fire and the rubber plants go up in smoke!

Cowpie naps oblivous, dreaming of her new Pony.


Gail doesn't get away quick enough and is devoured by the flames. Silly woman managed to grill herself instead of the burgers!

Cowpie awakes...."Is that darn Momo smoking  again?"

The Grim Reaper comes along to claim the rubber plants. Oh, and Gail too I suppose. Or what's left of her.

And once again, a household mourns...the loss of the patio bar.

In all the excitement no one remembered to water poor Chris. Silently he stands impaled in the rusting tree stand, a bitter wind ripping the remaining dead needles from his skeletal twigs. "Just kill me" he silently implores the impassive Tiki torches. "Kill me and end MY hellish existance!"

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