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DAY EIGHT...A Romantic Day at the Whores'

Could it be? Gandalf in Love?

And they stand in line for a chance with Legolas!

Easy now, Girls, there's plenty Middle Earth Honey for everyone!

"There, there, Cayenne, love. It can happen to anybody...better luck next time"

Distraught, Cayenne turns to another for solace.

Ah well, his money's as good as anyone's I guess!

But even an elven warrior can't match the stamina of a professional lady of ill repute. Here poor Legolas stands fast asleep, as Cayenne moves on to Dr. Evil!

Hmph. Ginger is less than impressed.

But the next day Legolas recovers and is back for more....

"Good night, Cayenne, sorry I wore YOU out this time!"

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