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DAY Ten...New Neighbors Move In...


 Meet the New Neighbors: Scummy Slacker and his wife, Dirty Slacker! "Oh Honey, I love our new dream home! I  love the filth and squalor and lack of paint and even the puddle of our daughter's urine on the floor!!"

"Oh Jeeze, Pa, ya clogged the toilet again an' I gotta PEE! Oops, too late!"

Young son, Bratty Slacker, soothes his wounded pride with a drink from the bar.

Oh No! Pa burnt the beans again!!

So Dirty Slacker and son, Bratty Slacker, enjoy some television. Somewhere around the place they DO have a daughter, Snotty Slacker, but who knows where she's gone to. Oh well, it's time for Judge Judy... Wait, someone's at the door!

Oh, crap, it's that dyke neighbor, Xena, probably here to hit on Scummy again! Well, Dirty plans to do something about THAT and tell that leather-clad hussy a thing or three!

"You dirty homewrecker! You stay away from MY man, you hear me! I know you want to move into MY fine house and take all MY fine things! We'll see about THAT!"

To retaliate, Xena sneaks up behind Dirty and gives her a shrill Banshee scream!


And an all-out Battle ensues!!!

Xena driven off from the home, there is peace at the Slacker Household at last.

My Hero!!

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