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DAY Ten...And MORE New Neighbors Move In...

(Luke, Han, QuiGon, Darth, Alien & Predator)

  A good night's sleep is important, even for intergalactic warriors. Here Luke, QuiGon, Han and Darth settle down for the night in their exclusive Star Wars beds, while Star Wars (Special Edition) posters watch over them.

"DAA-AAD! You KNOW I can't pee when someone's watching!!" "Stop whining, Luke, we're all men here...well, most of us. You don't have anything I don't, wait, that's not right either. Ah hell, I'll just use the other john. Wait, I don't HAVE to pee! I'm a Cyborg! HAW! Loser Human!"

Luke, Darth and Predator loosen things up a bit on the dance floor, while QuiGon enjoys the latest Dark Horse Comic pulled from the exclusive "Han-In-Carbonite" Bookcase.

Luke's new good buddy, Legolas, stops by to shoot some hoops! Luke has no desire to beat the snot out of Legolas, despite his perfect hair, since they're both Virgos and get along just SWELL (dammit!)

And Scorpios Han and Aragorn appear to get along quite well too! Here they're discussing which has the better weapon...Han's "Blaster" or Aragorn's "Two-Handed Broadsword". Darth is the judge.

Back indoors Predator kicks out some licks on the electric gee-tar. He stinks. Badly. And not just from poor hygiene. Perhaps its the gloves with the long, sharp razors attached that hamper him.

Later on Han gives it a try, and impresses the hell out of everyone with his talents! Even Luke's foul red mood is greened up slightly, and QuiGonn and Darth are inspired enough to at least change out of their pajamas.

To Be Continued...