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DAY SEVEN...Back at the Middle Earth house...

  "I'm bored again" said Disco Gandalf. "I can't stand watching 'Aliens' one more time!!"

"C'mon, old man" said Xena, "I'll take you on in a game of pool!

 " Hey, no fair levitating the balls!" "That ain't all I can levitate, dollin'" cackled Gandalf.

"Damn, Gandalf" said Frodo, "You sure can shake that moneymaker! "

Legolas, Gimli and Frodo enjoy The Weather Channel. "I'm horny" says Legolas. I'm going to go check out the whores down the street."

"Wait for me, Legolas!" calls Gandalf from the bathroom.

  Ah, nothing like relaxing with Cayenne and Schwalinda after a long hard day of battling the Balrog . Things seem to be going well....

"Oh Gandalf! Is that your Magic Staff?"

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