The Journey of Pot O' Gold

Goldie at Stone Henge

This is the tale of a brave little FAS who flew across the seas to visit the Auld Sod! He was accompanied by his human companion, Karin Leefers! Thank you for the loan of the photos, and allowing us to enjoy this little horse's adventures!

Pot O' Gold begins his journey on a foreign shore

Pot O' Gold finds himself at the base of the Tower of London itself!

Oh, look, even the Kings and Queens had FAS's!

TRAPPED in the Tower of London! Charged with no crime worse than being a brighter shade of yellow than the Royal Gold!

Ah, it looks better from the outside.

And relax with a bit of shopping, where else, at the FAS store!

Time for a brief swim in the Loch Ness

And a merry prance around Stone Henge

And to translate the Rosetta Stone

Until at last it's time to bid fare 
well to the lovely British Isles! Travel on, little Pot O' Gold, 
until we meet you again!

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