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DAY FIVE  The New Boyz in da Hood

Newcomers to the Neighborhood! It's Predator, Alien, and Disco Gandalf, looking for something fun to do. TV just ain't cuttin' it!

Alien says "Hey, I know some real hot babes! I'll introduce you guys!"

Disco Gandalf says "Hot diggity damn! Now you're talkin'! Let's Go!

Disco Gandalf and Gail hit it off right away...

"Holy crap" says Gandalf, "That Alien was right! You gals are the tops!"

Predator agrees "You're quite the juggler, Kran...but say, where HAS that Alien gotten to!"

  "Don't mind me, boys, Momo and I have some unfinished business to attend to!"

Disco Gandalf lives up to his name...

And once again....

BUSTED by the fuzz for creating a disturbance...Gail chats happily as the Predator collapses from exhaustion and Momo pees her pants (luckily it's tile). "I'm outta here" says Red Sonja the Barbarian...until next time!

To be continued...  

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