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Berg Depressed over her loss of the Love Bed, Gail drowns her sorrows on the patio. The burning whiskey helps ease the achey congestion that's been building in her chest these past few days, resulting in an unhealthy cough.

Berg wasn't the only one. With the loss of their hot tub, our girls had wallowed in discomfort and poor hygiene, with nasty coughs developing. Exhausted, Momo headed to her poor cot in the dungeon...

The End of Momo  And died.  The Grim Reaper came and howled his victory over Momolio at last!

Cowpie  Horrifyingly enough, Death was not satisfied with just Momolio! And next claimed...Cowpie!

In  a vain attempt to recover from her cough, Gail headed straight to bed, ignoring Cowpie's funeral urn on the floor and tried to sleep, but instead....

Berg  Gail died as well.

As our valiant MooSims rested in peace, Chris the Christmas Tree sobbed quietly, uncheered by his unlit tiki torches. Rest in peace, Momo, Ice Berg, and Cowpie.  :-(

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