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DAY FOUR...A New Beginning!

A new day, a new place, three Sims appeared in the neighborhood and regarded their new home! A fancy 2-story Victorian, recently occupied by 8 sex-starved johns evicted by forces greater than themselves.

Ice Berg, dressed smartly in her high leather boots, is very pleased with the Cannibis growing in the living room!

Cowpie (with a new, improved bigger butt!) makes friends with the neighbors!

er, um....VERY friendly neighbors indeed!

Momo is not pleased with the plumbing, as the toilet promptly clogs up on her!

But she didn't unclog it fast enough, as poor Gail just could NOT hold it one bit longer! Thankfully the floor IS tile.

Disgusted with the older house, our gals move out, and move into this other vacant house across the neighborhood...and there in the back yard they find a saddening scene...

And shed a tear for the poor, hapless residents that met a sorry end.

  But obviously Gail and Cowpie get over their grief pretty quickly!

Gail is less than pleased with the presents she found underneath Chris.

And Cowpie again befriends the new neighbors!

Cowpie discovers the Virtual Reality goggles and entertains herself.

And finally, enjoys a relaxing soak in the tub. Hopefully tomorrow more neighbors will drop by. I hear there's a distinguished older Wizard just moved into the neighborhood...

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