The How-To Pages

Want to learn the basics of model horse customizing? Here's some pages that'll give you just enough information to become dangerous. If you have specific problems, feel free to drop me an email, I'd be glad to help! Enjoy!

How To Repaint the Model Horse
The basics of model body preparation, painting, blending, and detailing techniques using paint brush and acrylic paints. I originally wrote this article back in 1995, but some things never change!

How to Reposition the Model Horse
The basics of model horse repositioning using boiling water, flames, heat guns, saws, knives, and other nasty things.

How to Hair the Model Horse
Nearly a lost art these days, but much more than sticking the family dog's hair to a model with Elmer's glue.

The Creation of Maximus
A step-by-step record of the painting of my Multi Live Show Champion Trait du Nord Stallion

The Creation of Hollywood Showgirl
How to paint an Appaloosa, probably more than you'd like to know!

The Creation of F.O. Slick Willie
A "plain ole' chestnut" Saddlebred, but after seeing all the steps involved, you'll never look at a "brown horse" the same way!

The Creation of Memorex
Is it Real, or is it Memorex?
Memorex the sleeping horse! Or is he....not sleeping? The transformation of a Breyer Stock Horse Mare.

The Creation of Moses
Painstaking step-by-step documentation of the total mangulation of a Stone Standing Drafter! Remaking, repositioning, repainting, and hairing!

The Creation of Rowdy's Hurricane
Take a Breyer Pacer and turn him into a speed-racking Kentucky Mountain Horse! He's currently being worked on, so tune in for step-by-step customizing action!

The Creation of Salutaa 
Follow the transmogrifaction of a Breyer Proud Arabian Mare into a full-floating trot Endurance horse! Sawing! Burning! Grinding!

Customizing Old Skool
I recently found a baggie of old slides, probably from the early 1990's, recording my remaking techniques of the time. Check this out for some chuckles!

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