A little traveller makes his way up the long entry to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY

At long last! Bloaty has arrived at Breyerfest!

Oh great, there's a line all ready! Well, better get used to that, it IS Breyerfest after all!

Two Great Horses, together at last! Bloaty visits with the Man O'War monument!

Bloaty hitches a ride on a Reeves International golf cart, and meets a pretty little cowgirl on the way!

Not everyone gets to sit on the back of Secretariat!

On to tour the Horse Park, specifically the Big Barn!

And the Hall of Champions...


You work up a hunger too, so why not stop for some Burgoo!

A visit to the memorial for one of our hobby's founders, Marney J. Walerius. Bless you, Marney.

After all that hiking around, a horse has to sit a spell!

It's time for the Parade of Champions, featuring...Bloaty!

Romping with Misty and the duck!

To dream of racing on the big track...

Inside the covered arena, to visit with our good friends, the Bentleys of Bentley Sales! Although Mr. Bentley didn't seem REAL happy to have Bloaty sitting on his display table...wonder why!?

Oh my gosh, look!! It's our old friend, Pot O' Gold!! Two great adventurers, together at last!! Imagine the tales they have to share!!

"Don't blame me, *I* didn't do it!"

Bloaty's brief moment of fame, in the Breyerfest Dinner Hat Contest!

 Good-Bye, Breyerfest, until next year...


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