Futuristic Follies Rule!

45th Parallel Live  Futuristic Follies Classlist
Class Limits:  Halter: 4 Horses Per Class
Performance: 3 Horses Per Class
Classes may be split or combined at the judge's and show's discretion.


• Classes may be split or combined at the judges’ discretion.
• Halters ARE allowed in Halter classes, but bear in mind a poorly-adjusted halter hurt your entry!
• Proper tack in all performance classes.
• If the set-up isn’t obvious, an information card or sheet is requested.
• Carts are optional in Harness
• Minis/Stablemates will compete against their larger siblings except in Collectibility.
• Foals enter in the foal class & collectibility only

Includes Breyer, Stone, H-R, Hartland, Schleich, Chinas, OF Resins, etc.

1. Arabians
2. 1/2 Arabian (incl. NSH)
3. American Gaited Breeds
4. Sport Breeds
5. Spanish Breeds (may split)
6. Other Pure/Mixed Light Breed
7. Light Breed Foals
Ch/Res OF Light Breed

8. QH
9. Appaloosa
10. Paint
11. Other Pure/Mixed Stock Breed
12. Stock Breed Foals
Ch/Res OF Stock Breed

13. British Draft Breed
14. Other Pure Draft Breed
15. British Pony Breed
16. Other Pure Pony Breed
17. Mule/Donkey/Exotic
18. Fantasy/Decorator Breeds**
19. Other Pure/Mixed Breed
20. Other Breed Foals
Ch/Res OF Other Breed

21. Current Trad Brey (2013-14)
22. Disc Trad Brey (2012-earlier)
23. SR Trad Brey
24. RR Stone
25. SR Stone (incl. OOAKs & DAH)
26. Classic Breyer
27. LB/Pebbles
28. SM/Chips/MW
29. Other Plastic (may split)
30. Hagen-Renaker
31. Pour Horse / AAA / Alchemy
32. Breyer Porcelain
33. Other China/Ceramic
34. North Light/Sandicast
35. Breyer Resin/Cold Cast Ceramic
36. Other OF Resin
Ch/Res OF Collectibility



Includes Customs, Artist Resins, Claybody Customs, Custom Glazes

37. Arabian/Part-Arab
38. American Gaited Breeds
39. Sport Breeds
40. Spanish Breeds (may split)
41. Other Pure/Mixed Light Breed
42. Light Breed Foals
Ch/Res CM/AR Light Breed

43. QH
44. Appaloosa/Paint (may split)
45. Other Pure/Mixed Stock Breed
46. Stock Breed Foals
Ch/Res CM/AR Stock Breed

47. Open Pure Draft Breed
48. Open Pure Pony Breed
49. Mule/Donkey/Exotic
50. Fantasy/Decorator Breeds**
51. Other Pure/Mix Breed
52. Other Breed Foals
Ch/Res Custom/AR Other Breed

53. Custom Paint/Etch Only
54. CM Paint/Haired (incl. sculpted m/t)
55. Repositioned Customs
56. CM by Owner (no cross entry)
57. Custom Glaze/Claybody CM
58. Artist Resin Painted by Owner
59. AR Painted by Sculptor
60. AR Painted by Other
Ch/Res CM/AR Workmanship



Custom & OF compete together, 3 horses per class per entrant.

A. Western Pleasure
B. Open Stock Work (Cutting, calf roping, team roping, reined cowhorse, etc.)
C. Western Trail (Obs req)
D. Western Games (Speed or not)
E. Other Western Perf. (Specify what)
Western Perf. Ch/Res

F. Huntseat Pleasure
G. Hunter/Jumper
H. Park/Saddleseat
I. Other English Perf. (Specify what)
English Perf. Ch/Res


J. Costume/Parade
K. Open Harness
L. Other Performance (Specify what)
Other Perf. Ch/Res


M. Horse of the Future**
N. Futuristic Scene Class **
O. Mascot Class **
P. Mystery Class **

** Not a NAN-qualifying class

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