F A S (fas), 1. n. (cap) the Breyer Molding Company's "Family Arabian Stallion" 
 2. n. A small, plastic equine of unearthly beauty revered by millionsnss.

The History of the Family Arabian Stallion

(The abridged version)

First appearing in the Breyer catalog in 1959, the Family Arabian Stallion is based upon the Hagen-Renaker "Amir" prancing stallion. The Breyer was sculpted by Christian Hess. Unlike the Family Arabian Mare, there really is no "old mold" FAS, but the way to determine which FAS was made in this controversial period is by the lack of any Breyer seal on the leg, and usually black lips. He has been in production ever since, and has been a long-standing favorite with people everywhere for decades!

I said it was an abridged version.

The History of the FAS

 The Tale of Good Times

The Journey of Pot O' Gold

A Horse Named Bloaty

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