Family Arabian Stallion,  #4, "Faith"
\Matte Palomino

"Early" Version, 1967-1985
A golden, lovely rich Palomino Color

"Late" Version, 1985-1987
The nasty flat neon lemon yellow color, which coincided with Breyer's being sold to Reeves International and moved to New Jersey. Coincidence? I think not!

No Comparison, determining the Old from the New

Stencilled Mane.
This painting detail was prevalent in the 1970's on the Palominos. Left-side "whisps" of mane were apparently part of a mask used in production during that time period. It is not evident in the early Glossy paint jobs, nor in the later 1980's painted pieces.

Blue Ribbon Sticker
A superb example of the old paper "Blue Ribbon" sticker from the 1960's on this FAS.