The Family Arabian Gallery
A Celebration of the Family Arabian Stallion, Mare, and Foal

Customized Family Arabians
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"The Flocked Phallic FAS"
Thought to be a creature of legend, this dynamic custom creation at long last has joined the herd!!


"Orca FAS"
Beautiful FAS created by "Xcaliber Equine" in 2002, donated by Michele Treolo! Thanks, Michele!


Wedgewood Blue FAS custom-painted for me by Dorothy Graham!


Extreme Makeover
Don't know who's responsible for this, but I will give them credit for enthusiasm.!


Beautiful Grey
A lovely custom, don't know who did it, it but's pretty darned lovely!

Dianne Capwell (?)
Very nice Piaffe, needs some restoration I'd say.

Fake Granite FAS
Love those spray-on Rock Finishes!

Dappled Chestnut FAS
With Real Human Hair!!
FAS courtesy of Jenny Palmer

Grandpa's FAS
NO laughing! I created this parade set and model as a Christmas present for my Grandpa back in 1974!

Cantering Dressage FAS
I had permission from the Artist to use this, but I can't find out who she is!

Mexican Taxicab FAS
Or "Bijou" as he's known...the result of a long Michigan winter in 2003.

Flocked Mule FAS
Those wacky guys at Reigseckers!!

Award-Winning FAS Hat
Janice Pletsch's Breyerfest Hat Contest Entry...won her a prize it did!

Pearce FAS
A BEAUTIFUL customizing job done by Myla Pearce!!!

FAS Tattoo
Liz Bouras spotted this at a live show years ago!

FAS Car Decor
Only at Breyerfest...

McKenzie FAS
Kathy McKenzie's wonderful paint job makes a FAS look even better!

Jensen FAS
I bet Laurie Jo doesn't even remember doing this one!

FAS Maraca #1
Janice Pletsch at it again for 2004!

FAS Maraca #2
Papier Mache to boot!

"Loup Garou"
My showhorse from 1974!

Sudekum FAS
Dappled bay rabicano

The Signature FAS's
5 FAS's with Autographs from some of the biggest names in the Hobby!

Petrified Wood
An interesting (?) CM from Janis Whitcomb

"TS Niagara Thunder Hawk"
FAS CM by Karen Bawoll to a Morgan, owned by Ann Johnson

"TS Niagara Kayshah Mist"
FAM CM by Karen Bawoll to a Morab, owned by Ann Johnson

"Shore Nuff"
Flocked FAS circa 1975, owned proudly by Julie Harris (she made the tack too!)

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