My Horse Collection...or Most of It
(Please be patient while the photos download...there's a whole passle of 'em!)

Yes, we'll start with the FAS collection! Most Breyers, of course, with a bunch of great Hong Kong copies (large and small), a brass one, a ceramic one, flocked ones, fake stone ones, bejeweled ones, bloated ones, even fake weather vane ones.

The Matte Palomino ones (for the most part). My, but they're bright!

And a view of the rest of the beauties.  Yeah, there's Bloaty 2nd from the bottom shelf.

A few artist resins, Artisan Hall horses, and other special Stones on a salvaged bookcase in the front room (it fell out of the back of a pickup truck outside my house, hey, waste not, want not!)

And more Artist Resins and some chinas (oooh, is that a contraband fake resin ISH on the top shelf? Naw...of course not!) (and how come my Christmas Cactus is in full bloom in OCTOBER? That's kind of worrisome!)

One of the small wall shelves I have, stuffed full of all sorts of intriguing little creatures of china, metal, wood, blown glass, plastic, rubber, ivory, and who knows what else

The inside of my antique secretary desk...Breyers, Leftons, couple Chevals, Melbawares, lots of Hagen Renakers, a couple old Julips, and even spaghetti poodles!

Moving into the spare room, here's a wall-mounted shelf over the door, loaded down with Breyer Grazing Mares, QH Geldings, Jumpers and Clydesdale Mares...all rather sturdy models...otherwise I found if you slammed the door too hard, models would come raining down on you!

And next to the door, some more shelves, carrying Hartland Polo Ponies, Breyer Prancers, Silvers, and other Misc. critters.

And next to that, an ugly black vinyl rack, but hey, at this point, anything will work. A large selection of Breyer Dapples on the top, then into misc. Breyers, more Misc. Breyers.

Moving into the bedroom, my Hartland Regal Series QHs and Arabians, up by the ceiling.

More shelves in the bedroom, pretty self-explainatory. My brother made the adorable wall-mounted display shelf, and I do have a few left for sale if anyone is interested (wink wink nudge nudge)

Moving back into the living room, another wall display shelf of misc. mini models, and a portion of my vintage Napcoware Dimensional Plaque collection (I'm always looking for more of these, if anyone has any, hint hint wink wink nudge nudge say no more)

The top half of my curio cabinet fullof Hagen Renakers, Beswicks, and a couple Breyer porcelains. The bottom half is behind the love seat I'm's the safest place for it, trust me, in a house with a Dalmatian in it!


And the wild horses all grouped together

Do you get the feeling most my wall space is up by the ceiling? A conga line of Stone Arabians and Morgans (and another shelf made by my brother)

One reason I bought this house was because of the open divider between the kitchen and the living room...just perfect for my display case! More Artist Resins, and my budgie collection as well!

And the little ones, on a wall in the living room. Not all of them by any means, but a good chunk!

And more Stones...Thoroughbreds, weanlings, performance horses, trotting Drafters, Western Pleasure Horses, Standing Drafters...

Back in my office, the Lady Phase shelf...and a hint of the Star Wars collection (most of which is packed away, to make room for...HORSES!)

And last but not least....

The Main Shelves! Another reason I fell in love with this house...the huge blank wall in the rec room, just crying out for 64 square feet of model horse shelving!!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...there's plenty more, I just need to get more pix!

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